The Pick-Me-Up Dress, A.K.A. My Third Hazel

Monday, November 5, 2012

After sewing for others for a couple months straight, I needed a quick, reliable project to get me back int the groove. So, I finished my third Hazel dress this morning after hand sewing the hem up. I am trying to practice a hand sewn blind stitch as much as possible. I did much better this time than others.

Without further ado:

I do feel better. The only alterations I did was use my wider skirt pattern to make the skirt fuller, made the straps more narrow (like half as wide as the pattern), I did a wide hem using lace hem tape, and I fully lined the bodice. I decided that I just like the feel of the bodice fully lined, and I don't have to worry about the bottom of facing leaving visible lines across my chest or them somehow still rolling out even after under stitching. It's not hard to do. You can make a second bodice shell (I used a plain purple cotton) and sew it in with the same instructions for the facing except go all the way down the zipper until the waistline. Then, just hand stitch the bottom seam allowance under and tacked to the waist seam. Done and done. What do you think?

There were no issues this time around. However, the placement of the big flowers on the bodice were coincidental. It was just a happy accident how they lined up. Also, I am wearing my shiny gold flats, but no one has mowed the lawn in a while, so they are hidden under the foliage. Now I'm off to find a new flooring for my kitchen. We have a remodel coming up, and we are woefully under prepared.


dixie said...

lovely! that print is great and i like the narrower straps, i never really liked the big chunky straps, well, except for bra strap coverage i guess. great job on the blind hem. i'm always too lazy to blind hem by hand.

TessaMelissa said...

Thank you! (sorry for the late reply) I can still wear a bra with it, just not a granny style one. Not that I own any of those....... ;)

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